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Looking For A Job? Here Are The Top 5 Jobs To Apply For In 2017

The job market has been constantly changing, with hot jobs now becoming cold and cold jobs becoming hot. With 2017 just a few weeks away, it's important for job applicants to know what kind of jobs should they be applying for when the new year kicks in.

According to CheatSheet, applicants who look for a job in the right fields or occupations will be a good idea for them. The "in" jobs in 2017 will provide them with a "potentially more stable job and a positive future outlook."

Wtop reports that these 2017 "in" jobs will also be more in demand and will have the potential to add more openings. These in-demand jobs will also be aggressively looking for candidates to fill the position.

So what are the best jobs to apply for in 2017? Here are five that applicants should be targeting next year.

First on the list would be an occupational and physical therapist. This is a good job for people who are looking to help other people.  If the applicant doesn't want to be a full-time therapist, there are also options to become assistants to the therapists instead.

Median pay for an occupational therapy assistant is $54,520 per year, while the physical therapy assistant receives $42,980 per year. A physical therapist receives $84,020 while an occupational therapist gets $78,810.

Next on the list would be rehabilitation nurse, nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives. These jobs would require some school or educational classes and their job duties vary per position.

The median pay for nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives is at $104,740 per year. A rehabilitation nurse receives $65,470 annually.

Third on the list would be operations research analyst. People who want to work in this job would need to enjoy math as it requires the use of mathematical and analytical methods.

The job usually helps business and organizations in handling issues and solving problems. The median pay was at $78,630 per year in 2015.

Fourth would be personal finance advisors. A person who wants to work in this field only needs a bachelor's degree and some experience in handling money.

The job usually requires the applicant to help people in managing their money, which would mean helping them make wiser decisions and provide helpful financial advice. The media pay was at $89,160 per year in 2015.

The last job that applicants need to be applying for in 2017 is wind turbine technicians. The U.S. Department of Energy is projecting the wind industry to grow, which would mean more technicians would be needed.

Some college is usually needed to work in this industry. The median pay in 2015 was at $51,050 per year.

Knowing what industry is hot at the moment can help applicants get a job faster. For the best companies to work in, check out Jobs&Hire's coverage.

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