Dec 12, 2016 07:02 AM EST

AMD Vega Tech Secret Preview And Updates: Closed-Door Event Took Place?

A secret preview of the AMD Vega Tech took place last Saturday. The details of the event were not specified, but there reports that a non-disclosure agreement was signed by the participants. The number of editors invited was not mentioned, and it was also not certain if it was a regional event.

According to Video Cardz, it is possible that the AMD intended the event to show the media the first graphic cards with VEGA graphics processor. The event could also be a preparation before they show the ZEN presentation to the public.

Last October, WCCF Tech reported that the GPU, which is popularly known as Vega 10, was scheduled to debut before the year ends. It was also mentioned that the Vega 10 features the company’s brand new GCN graphics architecture, and at the same its 9th generation collection of visual IP. This will offer better graphics and double memory capacity. In addition, it also features a High Bandwidth Memory “HBM2” technology. Having those mentioned indicates that Vega will offer quality performance to 4K gaming, Virtual Reality and other computing markets.

Not much has been said about Vega this year, although it was during the AMD’s Capsaicin press event that the new and improved graphics architecture was introduced. There are reports circulating that AMD is set to prepare for a new event for CES 2017 and it will be in Las Vegas. It has been said that this will be the time that Vega 10 will be publicly launched.

In other news, Jobs & Hire reported that NVIDIA is planning to release a new game card called GTX 1060s. The card will be based on GTX 1080’s Pascal GP 104-140 GPU. They are said to be planning to launch it at the CES event in January 2017.

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