Dec 13, 2016 05:56 AM EST

Facebook Forces You To View Some Month Old Updates Because Of Latest Glitch: Photos, Updates Get New Timestamps

By JC Santos

Every time social media network Facebook says it "remembers" something from the past, it is usually the last one to six years and comes with a banner that it is a "memory" that users might like to share. But if it posts an old update or photo with a new timestamp -- it's likely a glitch. 

According to Gadgets 360, it cited that Boston Globe's report indicated the timestamp and updates glitch began after the social network informed its users that it has "compiled videos" for them to show in their "year in review" -- an annual Facebook feature that is unrequested but shareable if users like it. Gadgets 360 adds that Facebook has said in a statement that it is aware of the issue and is investigating.

The incident became known after users received notifications from posts made only a few months from the current date. Thinking people were "stalking" certain posts they made, they found that their photos and updates had new timestamps.

As with all kinds of software and cloud technologies, glitches can and will always happen and fixes will be needed. Last November, Facebook issued death notices for users by accident due to a technological glitch. The "Memoralizing" feature -- meant to have a trusted friend or family member to control a user's profile after their death -- will inform said individuals about the death of an individual to confirm control over the account.

Other glitches involve ad metrics used by its advertising partners to measure their engagement index. Facebook revealed that it had misstated measurements by overstating the average viewing time for videos in the last two years.

While not a glitch, Facebook became the epicenter of a racist storm after it was revealed their advertising tools allowed advertisers to exclude users by race through targeted advertisements. Legal advice indicates that Facebook's allowance to target ads based on gender, race or sexual orientation violated federal civil rights laws.

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