Dec 13, 2016 12:23 AM EST

‘One Piece’ Chapters 849, 850 Latest News Recap, Speculations & Spoilers: Reiju Vinsmoke Seriously Injured! Luffy And Nami, Finally Escapes Big Mom?

"One Piece" chapter 849 started with a bang ended with a cliff-hanger that left Reiju Vinsmoke seriously injured. The upcoming "One Piece" chapter 850 will reveal what happened to Reiju and fans will finally see whether Luffy D. Monkey and Nami escape the clutches of Big Mom.

In "One Piece"Chapter 849, Chopper and Carrot succeeds in taking away Brulee's Mirror World. The Mirror World will allow Chopper and Carrot to travel anywhere in Whole Cake Island increasing the chance for them to rescue Luffy and the Straw Hats. The end of the chapter brings more intrigue with Reiju being shown gravely injured and with no clue to whoever hurt her.

Reiju is smart and would never leave herself undefended without a good reason. While the Poison Pink has her flaws, fiercely fighting in a battle is not one of them. So whoever can hurt Reiju has to be someone totally out of her league, or must have plotted long enough to outsmart her.

Several fan theories are floating around the online community discussing who Reiju's possible attacker(s) is. The majority of these theories have counted out Germa 66 because of his relationship with Judge. Also cleared in the rumored possible attackers is Big Mom and the pirates since no one in the Big Mom's crew would dare to sabotage the wedding. While introducing a new character in "One Piece" as Reiju's attacker is possible, the most likely suspect is Boa Hancock.

Boa Hancock's affection to Luffy is well known and might even be described as an obsession. The Movie News Guide reports that Boa may have seen how Reiju recently saved Luffy's life by kissing Luffy to suck the poison out in his system. Boa has had a track record of going berserk whenever Luffy is seen with other women. That seems motive enough for fans to believe that Boa would attack Reiju.

Luffy and Nami meanwhile are still being held captive by Big Mom and her pirates. However, iTech Post speculates that the main protagonists will finally escape the clutches of Big Mom. After Carrot and Chopper defeated Big Mom's crew to gain access to the Mirror World, the tandem may be able to travel anywhere in Whole Cake Island, thereby rescuing their friends.

"One Piece" chapters 849 and 850 are filled with action, comic, and intrigue as typified by any Eiichiro Oda material. For everything "One Piece," visit our site for the latest news, rumors, updates, and speculations.

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