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‘Detroit: Become Human’ News & Updates: Game Release In 2017 Via PS4 Pro And More [Watch]

By FG Dullin

"Detroit: Become Human" was first announced on October 27, 2015, and after a year of its extensive production, the screenplay was already completed by Quantic Dream CEO, David Cage in October of 2016. The shooting and animation for this PS4 Pro game took about a year and a half to complete.

Production Details

"Detroit: Become Human" was shot in several different locations around the world, namely the following: Los Angeles, Paris, and London. Hundreds of actors were cast to portray several different roles. As underscored by the Trusted Reviews report, this game was directly inspired by a 2013 short film "Kara" aimed at advertising Quantic Dream's tech prowess.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay is 'extraordinary,' to say the least. As highlighted by a Wikipedia article, it not only does it follow a linear storyline but every gameplay decision unlocks several branches of the narrative shift. Case in point: if a character chooses 1 out of 2 options for 2 consecutive decisions, the player could end up unlocking 4 possible outcomes.

Similar to the 2011 detective game "LA Noir", collecting as much correct data as possible could improve the chances of attaining a highly favorable conclusion to a certain game chapter. Just like the other third person video game "Days Gone" featured in Jobs & Hire, there is a strong emphasis on giving a player a measure of liberty in terms of gameplay. Fortunately, "Detroit: Become Human" just pushes liberty to a whole new level.

Background and Characters

The two principal characters in this game include Kara, the eponymous inspiration for the game, and the high-profile cyborg detective named Connor. Both characters are cyborgs who are closely attuned to humanity's nature, and each with their own separate trailers.

Each of their personalities, however, are worlds apart and each of their characteristics determines the gameplay. Kara's high emotional quotient entails a series of interactions with non-playable characters. On the other hand, Connor's light-speed analytical brain allows players to process multiple crime scenarios based on interacting with objects and surroundings.

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