Dec 13, 2016 06:19 AM EST

‘The Elder Scroll 6’ Release Date And Updates: Delayed Due To ‘Fallout 4’ VR Release?

Bethesda Studio has been very busy lately and has hinted on the upcoming "The Elder Scroll 6". However, the vast popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) games made the studio jump into the bandwagon first and work on the "Fallout 4" VR gameplay.

Though there isn't much content on the "Fallout 4" VR version, fans have since then been eager to see what Bethesda has been working on. Neurogadget reported that the full "Fallout 4" VR content, which will premiere the post-apocalyptic world in a whole new level, in the nearing years.

It is quite an undertaking to update old releases to a new technology so Bethesda tells fans just to wait for a little while, and they promise to deliver the best experience of "Fallout 4". However, supporters of the studio are asking a different question.

Why should "The Elder Scrolls 6" release date be pushed to a later date? The answer can be tricky, and fans shouldn't pressure the studio since they have already committed to other plans, as reported by Jobs & Hire.

Moreover, players of "The Elder Scrolls" franchise should remain seated and enjoy the last installment "Skyrim." After all, there are several other ways, that you may not have discovered yet, to enjoy the game as per IGN.

"The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" has been critically acclaimed as one of the best games ever produced. Its impressiveness, great story line and free roam abilities is expected to be brought to the highly anticipated "The Elder Scroll 6".

"The Elder Scroll 6" was scheduled to be out this year instead Bethesda only released a re-mastered "Skyrim." But now, "The Elder Scroll 6" release date is rumored to be on 2019 at the earliest.

For the meantime, Bethesda Studio is rather keen on hyping its followers with the "Fallout 4" VR gameplay. According to iDigital Times, once released, it will be one of the best VR content to date.

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