Dec 13, 2016 07:50 PM EST

'Final Fantasy XV' Tips and Tricks: Do Cool Moves, Level-Up, Get Tools And Make It To Chapter 15

"Final Fantasy XV" is an adventure game that will both wow and frustrate its players. Fans have been both raving and ranting about it.

At the onset, playing "Final Fantasy XV" will require quite a number of quests to gather tools, weapons and other necessities for the player. Do not take these quests for granted. As Paul Tassi wrote in Forbes, these quests also help the player level up. As every gamer knows, leveling up keeps the player in the game. Also, a good supply of weapons, elixirs, potions and others will help during the fights. It will also help to have a lot of Gils--the game's currency.

While searching for weapons, Gamers Heroes recommends the following that it calls the best weapons: the Soul Saber sword, the Apocalypse greatsword, the Zwill Crossblade dagger, and the Death Penalty firearm. All these have high attack ratings and additional benefits like increased HP and health recovery.

While playing, US Gamer issues a reminder for players to be able to hold down buttons a lot. Here are some actions a player can do by holding down these buttons:

  • Blitz button - attack nearby enemy
  • Right shoulder button - target lock
  • Left shoulder button - use defensive maneuvers
  • Left shoulder button (in Blink mode in Ascension) - dodge attacks

Here are some other tips from US Gamer:

  • Switch targets using the right stick.
  • To cause a Break, focus the camera on one of the more fragile-looking combatants. This will cause impedance on the enemies and increase the chances of item drops.
  • Press the left-shoulder button right before the enemy hits. This will negate any damage. Press the Blitz button to parry and counterattack with a powerful strike.
  • Be ready to press and/or hold the left shoulder button when engaging the enemy.
  • Blink drains the MP, so be careful. MP is very useful in warping.
  • In lock-mode, warp to Warp-Strike an enemy. Put as much distance as possible from the enemy to maximize the strike power of this move. Up close, just use Point-Blank Warp Strike.
  • Use magic only when necessary. Magic in this game tends to work like a bomb and can hurt players.

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