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'Dead Rising 4' Tips, Tricks & Guide: How To Last Long, Get Cool Stuff And Some Cheats

Capcom's recently released "Dead Rising 4" has been long in coming. "Dead Rising 3" was released in 2013 so fans have waited long enough. After all that waiting, it would be good not to die too early in the game.

At the start of the game, IGN suggests focusing on the Fortitude skill tree and beef up on health and stamina. After that, get a hold of the Spectrum Analyzer so that Frank West can get codes to open safes. The weapons, gadget and other cool stuff are locked in the various establishments in the Willamette Mall. For more PP, scraps and weapons, make sure Frank encounters survivors. They're usually found outside the mall and may even go far from it. The camera has a Spectrum Analyzer function that also digs for more blueprints. Just make sure Frank is wearing an exosuit when digging.

To rake in on achievements, IGN also recommends to not stay in the main quest only. Feel free to take sidequests and wander off to different places. Some places have rare weapons that can be used in the main quest. Just make sure Frank gets back to the main quest in time to finish the game.

While going around, take note of the blue circle that appears every now and then. These are indicators for the nearby panic rooms that you can access. Make sure you explore the panic rooms. They contain weapons and blueprints. For the map of the locations of the panic rooms, it is available for sale at the safe house in Level 3 where audio logs are also available. If you find a set of keys, they will give you access to a storage unit which will be indicated by a grey keyhole on the screen.

Outside the mall, Paula will report rumors. Make sure to finish a case file first before checking out a rumor. Doing this means they will have to be done later and they will remain uncompleted. Make sure to investigate the rumors since they lead to more PP, scraps and weapons and a possible battle with a boss.

During a fight, use weapons wisely.  Do not throw weapons since that feature is not in this version. To use the machine guns on top of the humvees, use the Throw option on the steering wheel. Combo vehicles have three weapons-- Bogey Monster's Golf-Ball Launcher (LB) and the mower-like spinning golf club base (RB).

For an added fun factor, players can take selfies with a zombie. Simply swap the camera mode into selfie mode and grab the nearest walking dead into the frame. However, as earlier announced, there is no more multi-player mode although there is a four-player coop game.

Cheat Happens offers a downloadable program for the following: Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Grenades, Unbreakable Weapons, Unlimited Stamina, Add PP, Add Skill Points, Add Money/Easy Unlock Weapons+Clothes+Locations, Set PP to Next Level, Buddy Health, and Ghost Mode.

Have you been playing "Dead Rising 4"? Care to share some tips through the comments box below?

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