Dec 13, 2016 07:16 PM EST

Social Media Can Make Child Unhealthy! Here Are Signs, Negative Effects And Tips [Watch]

Through the use of internet some children has been very fond of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. However, this can potentially harm your children's health, and way of thinking according to a Psychologist.

A report from Mirror states that the sign you should be looking out for the most is their appearance particularly if they are having an eating disorder which can lead to weight loss. The second sign is their eating habits some children may start with eating disorder that can also have a significant change in their attitudes like being demanding, and ritualistic.

The third sign will be during exercise since sports can improve their bodies sometimes they overdo it, and becoming obsessed with how much their body can actually do. As for the fourth sign your children's social media accounts upon visiting their posts, and timeline you could easily figure out the thing that your child has been obsessed to posts particularly regarding food.

The last sign is your child's internet history there are websites that promote anorexia, and these are frankly giving guides on how to get sick or ill. These sites may also give atrocious ideas that can potentially put your child into harm or become violent

According to Readers Digest, they stated 5 negative effects of social media like it can make you spend money. It can also change your appetite; social media can also mess with your ability to think independently. It can also potentially hurt your self-esteem, and lastly real life conversations.

The 5 signs mentioned from Mirror and 5 negative effects from Readers Digest are just a few of the possible threats in your child's health. Thus to avoid getting your child sickly or ill it would be best if you give some strict parental advice for your children.

Social media may be fun for most people but sometimes a certain precaution should be provided to monitor the time spent by a child in front of a computer and using internet. The reports stated above have been thoroughly studied by professionals and has been widely considered by some parents, and there are simple 5 ways on how to avoid putting your child's health at risk.

First is monitoring your child's time spent in social media, second is observing their interaction through the social media, third is whenever your child is having a bad interaction start giving advice and let them avoid getting involved in arguments.

Fourth is to let them be socially humble or stable, and prevent them from being so curious about websites that promote anorexia. Fifth is the hardest but the most advisable way you can prevent them from getting sickly or ill, and it's to prevent them from using the internet to access social media networks. Watch the video below to see the negative effects of social media. Subscribe for more tips and guides.

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