Dec 14, 2016 12:59 AM EST

‘Batman: Return To Arkham’ New Game Patch: Better Support To PlayStation Pro 4 And More Bugs & Fixes

The latest update on “Batman: Return to Arkham” has been released by Warner Bros. A new 1.02 game patch was recently launched to bring better support and improvement to PlayStation Pro 4 console.

According to “Batman: Return to Arkham’s” official forum, the PS4 Pro visual updates will help improve the game’s performance and its stability. Those highly graphical scenes and extreme movement of the objects were said to be the major reasons for its hitching problems. The update made will provide a smooth and more consistent framerate. At the same time, it accordingly addressed some crashing issues.

As mentioned in the forum, it will also “increased visual fidelity” for those gamers who are using the PS4 console. With the visual enhancement given, the 30 frames per second might run to 60 frames per second.

Batman gamers were ecstatic when they heard the news that about the updated game patch. It was expected that the new patch will be very beneficial to the game. However, Reddit reported that there are claims that the new upgrade made the Arkham City worse in some ways.

A user named ulOrca said that there has been a new FPS lock, and that “it definitely didn't run much higher than 30FPS for me (it actually felt even lower than 30 at times, but that might be a placebo because it actually run way above 30FPS before the patch).” Aside from that, there were also drop and some input lags that were said to be noticed. Another user even said that it was just like an upgraded PS3 game.

Jobs & Hire reported that “Batman Arkham Night” showed a more difficult gameplay. The players will be faced with stronger and faster enemies. To add more challenge and excitement gamers should complete the main story in order for them to unlock some counter attack icons.

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