Dec 14, 2016 05:12 AM EST

The Perfect Mate: Humans Can Now Choose And Design A Perfect Life Partner

Man never gets tired of innovating. This is the way by which humans transform their lives to make them better. The latest development in the field of technology is the empathy programming and emotional capacity equipment for robots.

With this kind of artificial intelligence, can robots replace human nannies, teachers, and even sexual partners? The science and technology experts are now aiming at perfecting the duplication of the flesh-and-blood model.

Latest androids can now discern human feelings when they interact. They can identify emotions like happiness, anger, and sadness. The amazing thing is that they are capable of responding with the proper emotion too. They can now comfort a down-trodden human being or entertain a toddler to divert them from tantrums.

This is not a far-flung idea since the Japanese telecom conglomerate SoftBank has already created a social robot named Pepper. It looks like a human and can read the emotions, movements and facial expressions of its master. Then it can replicate these feelings towards people around it.

Japanese AI companies have gone towards creating advanced robots like the erotic androids as per News Every Day. Dr. David Levy of London announced in advance the ultimate fantasy. They will soon create sex robots that resemble celebrities to give their masters their inmost desires.

Celebrities whose looks will be used in the sex robots will be paid a franchise fee for the use of their likeness. It is going to be an easy life because man can now choose a partner with no worries for messy fights and emotional blackmail and all sorts of human conflicts.

This means that humans can now be replaced by robots in all areas, then, time will come that humans will no longer need his fellow human. What will happen to this world originally created for humans to subdue and populate? Read more technology advancement news and job opportunities updates here.

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