Dec 14, 2016 05:49 AM EST

Syrian Regime Secures Aleppo, Ceasefire Takes Place: Execution Of Rebel-Linked Individuals; Russia, Iran and Syria Criticized By US Ambassador

By JC Santos

The Syrian capital of Aleppo has returned to the hands of the Syrian regime after days of bombing by both Syrian and Russian forces. Russia's UN Ambassador verifies a ceasefire between the Syrian rebels and regime forces despite reports of rebel executions citywide. US' UN Ambassador Samantha Power criticizes Russia, Iran and Syria for using indiscriminate weaponry that harm civilians.

According to CNN, Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin verifies that "over the last hour, we've received information that the military activities in east Aleppo have stopped." He added that "there is no question about cessation of hostilities," affirming that humanitarian operations are underway for civilians. The UN and CNN could not verify whether a ceasefire has been discussed and the Syrian state-run media have not yet made an official announcement.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Britain -- through a network of Syrian activists to monitor the situation -- said anyone with links to any rebel group or even rebel individuals the Syrian regime systematically hunted down. They said, "Every hour, butcheries are carried out."

US UN Ambassador Samantha Power -- during an emergency UN Security Council meeting in New York -- had condemned Russia, Iran and Syria for their actions in the Syrian Civil War. According to ABC Australia, She had accused the Syrian Regime of Bashar al-Assad for enabling the execution of children and civilians during the Syrian civil war. She said Syrian government proxies and forces "are carrying out these crimes" further adding that "your barrel bombs and mortars and air strikes" have allowed the encirclement of tens of thousands of civilians to an "ever-tightening noose."

In October, Syrian splinter rebel forces have re-taken Aleppo using teams of suicide vehicles intended to dishevel the remaining Syrian regime forces that were spread thin during the time. Assad's regime forces have since then concentrated all their forces on Aleppo. Splinter rebel and militant forces -- such as the Islamic State -- continue to operate in several areas of Syria to this date.

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