Dec 14, 2016 08:02 AM EST

'The Walking Dead, Hearts Still Beating' Latest News & Update: Daryl's Escape, Negan's Creepy Look & More

"The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating" episode was the first really good episode of the season since the two opening episodes. However, the episode seems awfully uneven, broken and switching between strange scenes, jumpy and appealing drama and puzzling edits. Several of the episodes this season seemed famished for meaningful content tonight's episode was rather overfed.

The Bad and the Good of "The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating"

In "The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating," Rick finally decided to fight, according to IGN. The greatest moment of the episode happened when everyone's resolve solidify. It is when Rick and company discovered that Daryl has escaped when they showed up at Hilltop and meet up with Maggie.

Daryl's entire escape sequence was castrated and a misfit in "The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating." In a room filled with guards, rather than finding ways to get past them he simply runs past them. This escape from the antagonist's territory could have consumed half an episode, yet, everything was bloated into the midseason finale. Daryl's victorious moment seemed as though it is just an afterthought.

In addition, Negan's shaved face made him look creepier at times he was almost likable. When Negan kills Spencer for being a weasel it gives a gratifying feeling. I have to agree with Negan when he told Rick that he brought Carl home despite that he tried to machine-gun him and killed the person who was trying to get Negan to kill Rick.

Negan could have just killed, captured or tortured Carl but he abstains. He could have taken put Spencer in charge but he does not. These actions made Negan more mysterious and have the depth yet, killing Spencer was a cheap move. Negan might be an inch better after tonight's episode, but there was nothing brave or interesting about his choice of preys in "The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating," says, Forbes.

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