Dec 14, 2016 08:08 AM EST

'Pokémon GO' Lates News & Update: 'Pokemon Go' Flaunts Disappointing Handful Of New Pokemons Hatched From Eggs

Niantic had players on the brink with a big announcement today that promised to add the latest Pokémon into "Pokémon GO." However, today's big announcement is not as big as players expected are. Today Niantic announced that Gen 2 Pokémon is coming, but not all of the 100 players were hoping for.

Only a few Gen 2 Pokémon are included in the game such as Pichu, Togepi, and some more select Pokémon in "Pokemon Go." These additional Pokemons however, will not be found in the wild, and can only be crosshatched from eggs. However, surely the limited edition Pikachu who will spawn in a festive hat is a catch. A couple of Gen 2 Pokémon hatching only from the egg is surely not what players wanted to see, according to Kotaku.

Any addition to "Pokemon Go" is enough to get players engaged, but this really is not what the entire game needs. In the advent of immense deals that have just been announced with Sprint and Starbucks, it is only right to expect more from the developers.

The Pokémons included in "Pokemon Go's" Gen 2, and are expected to hatch from eggs are Smoochum which becomes Jynx, Cleffa which transforms to Clefairy, and Igglypuff which becomes Jigglypuff. Other Pokemons included are Elekid, which becomes Electabuzz, and Magby, which becomes Magmar.

Although egg hatching is a nice side-activity in "Pokemon Go," it cannot be the focus of an event like this unless you want to be running marathons every day. In addition, F2P players are at an enormous disadvantage here given only one incubator. Aside from that, the Pokedex has also been updated to show the eight babies from Gen 2 listed above. It is unconfirmed yet if this is all of the Pokemon that can hatch, but there may be a good reason, that no one has seen a few of these yet, says Forbes.

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