Dec 14, 2016 11:11 AM EST

Samsung To Disable The Galaxy Note 7 On Dec. 19, Says Most Units Will ‘Turn Into Bricks’

Galaxy Note 7 owners can expect their units to turn useless by Dec. 19. Samsung is releasing an update on Dec. 15 that will permanently disable the problematic model. This update will prevent the unit from charging - a situation identified with instances of the model exploding.

Samsung had previously recalled all units of the Galaxy Note 7 after many reported instances of exploding phones. Owners were given a chance to return their phones in exchange for a refund earlier this year, but many are still out there. So far only 93% has been returned, leaving Samsung with the choice to release this update.

Due to safety concerns, various steps have been taken to curb the problem of overheating in the model. Tech Times reports that Samsung Canada had already announced that the Galaxy Note 7 will be disconnected from networks. Airlines had issued warnings for owners to keep their units off during flights. Warnings have already gone out telling owners of the dangers of using the unit.

CNN Money reported that Samsung had already issued a recall of the model twice, once to be replaced with another unit of the same model (September 2016) and the second time to be replaced by another model (October 2016). The second recall was made because even the replacement phone had reports of them catching fire or exploding. Samsung had already announced a total halt of the production of the unit.

With the rollout of the update, major carriers in the United States have pledged support, except for Verizon. Verizon's Vice President for global corporate communications, Jeffrey Nelson, said the carrier is concerned that users may not have an alternate unit to use especially during the holiday season. Nelson, however, emphasized the call for owners to take advantage of the recall policy instead.

Hardware engineers are warning unit owners whose phones have not yet exploded that their Galaxy Note 7 may still explode or, if they're lucky, have the battery expand or balloon.

The release of the update comes on the heels of Samsung announcing to completely shut down the model. This was announced recently by Co-CEO Kwon Oh-hyun. Users in the United States have reported receiving this message, being advised that the update would be released on Dec. 15.

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