Dec 15, 2016 06:05 AM EST

Intel And Nvidia Rival AMD To Unleash Processor Core ‘Ryzen’; Processor Likely To Compete Neck To Neck With Intel Processor Specs

By JC Santos

Rivaling tech giants means dishing out your own set of big guns. Tech innovation giant AMD once again goes against Intel with the release of its newest processor "Ryzen." With 8 cores, 16 threads and a base clock of 3.4GHZ, it still stays below Intel's newest i7-6700k that has a base 4GHZ but goes on second defeating the Intel 8C/16T Broadwell-E that has a base clock of 3.2GHZ.

"Sense MI" is a new feature AMD will add to "Ryzen" and possibly its future processors. The feature has different settings that can change the processor core's speed without illicit tampering. The "MI"-short for "Machine Intelligence" - features settings such as "pure power" that delivers an optimized and efficient flow of power to the core with a combination of temperature, clock speed and voltage sensor settings.

According to ArsTechnica, AMD's "Ryzen" is doing well concerning clock speeds. While Intel processors are quite stable at their high clocks, "Ryzen" is also doing everything quite well - or even better - staying under 100W TDP compared to the Intel Broadwell-E's 140W TDP at almost the same clock.

AMD also claims that the processing core has a "true artificial network" and "learning algorithms" that optimize power, temperature and performance. Analysts believe it could topple Intel's core processors in the near future given its close specifications against top Intel contenders.

Their rivalry in processors is counter-acted by AMD's deal with Intel over licensing some specifications of its graphics-processing unit (GPU). According to iTech Post, the consequences could mean a downgrading of prices for the GPU market, but a rise in integrated graphics cards that consume lower power in notebooks and laptops.

AMD may also have presented in secret a "Vega 10" press conference. "Vega 10" is AMD's counter-plan against Nvidia's newest GTX1080 graphics cards and possibly laptop-oriented "Pascal" cards. The "Vega 10" series will feature AMD's new GCN graphics architecture and its 9th generation of visual IP.

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