Dec 15, 2016 06:21 AM EST

Google's Partnership With Improbable To Make An Improvement In The Future Of The Virtual Reality World

This 2016, Virtual Reality became one of the trends and different company released different kinds of VR like Google. Now, the latter made a partnership with Improbable to make the virtual world more exciting for many users.

Improbable is a British company in which two Cambridge graduates founded it. The company offers different and more exciting way on how to build the virtual world; it also improves majority of the games in engaging to the world of virtual reality. This starts with the idea that virtual world can make a big impact in working the computers for expansion and for complexity to make a step on the next level, shared by Wired.

SpatialOS is the newest creation of Google and Improbable, this was designed by different expert coders of both companies for the improvement of VR technology. SpatialOS is like cloud service for computing and building the virtual world, either from VR rigs, laptops, or computers. Google and Improbable also develops the "SpatialOS program alpha" for the coders to have a chance in testing and creating their own kind of virtual world. The beta on the other hand may probably be released during the first quarter of 2017, this is not the same program as alpha because coders will have free time in manipulating Google Cloud to test the virtual world before running and releasing it on the internet.

In addition this report, the partnership of Google and Improbable will let the Google Cloud services to compete with its rivals like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web. The partnership of the two companies also allow more development on markets. However, in the future, Improbable and Google may face the challenges of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Improving the virtual world needs complex step, and it is said that the researchers of AI has a lot of ways in making the future generation in developing intelligence artificially. But, it is said that SpatialOS will also continue to expand as time goes by even after the next generation of AI. In the future, this improvement will navigate those cities in the real world and can possibly detect the path in which contagious disease came from.

Since the beginning of the year, Google company really develops its virtual reality after it announces Google Cardboard by emphasizing spatial audio, as reported by Jobs & Hire.

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