Dec 15, 2016 06:36 AM EST

Facebook Launches 'Parents Portal' In The Safety Center For Parents To Control Kids' Social Media Activity And Avoid Abuse

Facebook has been one of the social media platform that teens use the most; it has a lot of features where they can easily connect with their friends, but then, Facebook has also the so called "downside." Many kids, especially the teens were engaged on different kinds of behaviour using the said social media platform in which abusive people use this as an opportunity. Parents doesn't need to worry anymore because last Tuesday, Facebook launched it's newest "Parents Portal."

Facebook made this feature where it can be found on the site's Safety Center. This will help the parents to control their kids using the social media; it includes some basic guidelines on how to use the site. Like for example, you need to give your information for sign up purposes. It also has a section where you can add friends and how to the control the content that your child is posting.

According to Engadget, Parenting Portal includes some tips for parents like; letting the child knows that the rules from online are only same as the offline. It also includes on how to be a good model to your child, and trusting yourself. This is known as "not raising your kids to be obnoxious monsters." Because now, it is somehow true that people needs some reminder to avoid physical, mental, and emotional abuse, especially for kids and teenagers. Reportedly, those who experienced harassment when they were young will reflect on their behaviour when they grow up.

Expert Advice is actually helpful; there are different external links that's necessary to every family member and the advocacy of each worldwide. This is also a help in developing and improving the Parent Portal to be better and be safe especially for kids and teenagers. Although, one of the easiest way to make sure that your child is safe so they do not need to deal with some kind of abuse is to guide them and if it's not really necessary, do not let them make an account on Facebook, as reported.

Just recently, Jobs & Hire also shares about the "Facebook Hoax," news that continuously spread online. The news says that those public photos and messages needs to be set on private. However, some reports says that Facebook made a statement about it and confirmed that it's not true and purely hoax.

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