Dec 15, 2016 05:31 AM EST

Apple iOS 10.2 Update: Great Features, Nasty Surprises! Users Should Update or Not?

After the last software update iOS 10.1.1 which was released on Halloween, Apple has launched its latest iOS 10.2 with great features and some nasty surprises. The new great features include Emoji-nal change, improvements IMessages, camera change up and headphone icon. With a few negative feedbacks on the latest iOS update, some users have some hesitations. Should they update into Apple iOS 10.2 or not?

According to, the beta versions of Apple iOS latest software were released during the course of intervening weeks. This is in order to properly handle the potential kinks prior to the official release date.

Here are the new great features in the Apple iOS 10.2 updates:

Emoji-Nal Change. A male and female version of various professions from judges to astronauts are among the re-designed Emoji's that were added in this latest software update.

Improvements to iMessage. Cool and nice background effects are now available in Apple's instant messaging service. These background effects can be added into text messages. However, this feature will work only if the receiver has also upgraded his or her device. iOS 10.2 update allows senders to add balloons, confetti, fireworks and shooting stars to their messages. This update also gives two additional effects for the users. These are the "celebrate" and "send with love".

Camera change up. The "preserve" feature is now available in the camera app. This iOS 10.2 feature allows users to keep the camera in the mode from where they left it. It will not automatically switch back to the default camera.

Headphone icon. Subsequent to the elimination of the headphone jack, Apple included a headphone icon for easy access and connection. It also allows single sign-on and password synchronizations through various TV apps.

However, here is the nasty surprise that Apple iOS 10.2:

The 30% bug has been made even worse. This is when many iPhone models die when the battery reaches 30% of charge remaining.

New tracking telemetry is on your device. It turns out to be a nasty surprise as the tracking software is baked into iOS 10.2, not to mention this is in the release notes. Broken Earpods stay broken. Due to software anomaly, the microphone from Apple Earpods is said to be faulty and not functioning properly during calls.

There you go, guys! The great features and nasty surprise of Apple iOS 10.2. The decision is yours, are you going to update or not?

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