Dec 15, 2016 07:34 AM EST

'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: 'Super Mario Run Nintendo's First-Ever Smartphone Game Available Now!

After nearly two years of waiting, the most-awaited day is finally here for Nintendo Co. and its first ever game for smartphones, "Super Mario Run." On Thursday, Apple Inc. has released its devices.

It is the first full test as well, of what the Japanese game maker can achieve after years of shunning the thriving mobile app industry. While Nintendo presented a clue of its potential with the achievement of Pokemon Go earlier this year, that title was only partially its own conception.

Nintendo, developed "Super Mario Run" with some assistance from partner DeNA Co. Anticipations have bloated when the Kyoto-based company publicized a tactical shift toward embracing mobile in March 2015, infusing almost $20 billion to its market value. In the midst of the euphoria, however, several are discovering holes in implementation. Macquarie Securities analyst David Gibson said on Bloomberg, that he finds it amusing that the game necessitates an internet connection and has reservations about the $10 price tag for the full version.

Gibson, further said that he is estimating about 200 million downloads by March. It is based on an estimate that only a tenth of users is paying $10 for the full version. Sentimental Nintendo players will most certainly spend. He concluded saying that what matters is if the marginal consumer says this is good and agrees to spend the money for the game.

Gibson pinpoints that the most fruitful paid game to date is the $7 Minecraft Pocket Edition, earning just around $84 million a year. That is one of the many reasons, why his forecast for Nintendo's stock price, is 25,400 yen per share, lower current levels.

Investors are relying on Nintendo's ability to spark new life into the arcade and console icons of its prime by getting them into peoples' hands. Players get free access to three levels for the free download. However, to unlock the rest of the game, and all 24 stages, players are to pay $10, says, Mirror. "Super Mario Run" is available now and in more than 150 countries.

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