Sep 07, 2013 06:08 PM EDT

Hitler's Bodyguard Dies at 96; No Remorse for War Crimes? Life Story of One of The Most Evil People In History - Rochus Misch [VIDEO & REPORT]

One of Adolf Hitler's bodyguards, 96 year old SSS Staff Sergeant Rochus Misch died last Thursday, September 6, in Berlin, of an illness.

Misch has been described to have been the picture of a true Nazi: Loyal and devoted, arrogantly proud and unapologetic.

Misch joined the SSS at 20, aiding World War II operations serving as a courier as well as a telephone operator, but eventually he was assigned to the unit designated to protect the Fuhrer-a role he is best known for. He was also known to be among the few people to have been around during Hitler's last days, handling all direct communication from within the dictator's bunker.

The bodyguard remembers the early winter days of 1945 when Hitler and the rest of his personal staff confined themselves into the subterranean bunker complex, where he would eventually commit suidide with lover Eva Braun.

Recounting what he saw on that fateful day, Misch demonstrates Hitler's last moments by bending over a table and putting his hands on them, with Braun on a sofa beside the Fuhrer, her knees drawn up, her head against Hitler.

After the suicide, the bodyguard remained in the bunker, escaping only when the Soviets invaded Berlin. He would then be captured and then tortured for information on Hitler, and would spend the next nine years in Soviet Labor camps.

Misch spoke highly of Hitler, saying that he had a great boss, and refusing to talk about guilt and responsibility on the slaughtering of millions of Jews, Slavs, Poles, Romas, homosexuals and other religious and marginal minorities, not even being remorseful in the slightest. He said that it had never been a topic between him and the Fuhrer, firmly saying that his boss whom he worked for five wonderful years had never even brought it up.

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