Dec 16, 2016 08:06 AM EST

'Hitman Latest News & Update: Hitman's Holiday Hoarder Mission Available; Kill 'Home Alone' Burglars

There are lots of things to love about "Hitman," the new 2016 refresh of the assassination-based series from IO Interactive. This season, "Hitman" launched its brand new mission accessible on December 13.

The game developers released "Holiday Hoarders." It is a free mission for all players that was set in a jovial Paris. The mission is infused with the holiday spirit and adorned with bright and cheerful designs like snow, Christmas trees, presents, and decorations.

"Holiday Hoarders" was released to back the World Cancer Research Fund.  Players also have the option to contribute whatever they can via WCRF for the cancer foundation. In this "Holiday Hoarders" mission, Agent 47 is set off to transport the gift of an untimely demise to a couple of thieves lurking in the streets of Paris. It turns out the thieves are, in fact, a very familiar pair by the name of Harry and Marv.

"Holiday Hoarders" is quite interesting.The targets are Harry Smokey Bagnato and Marv Slick Gonif, a duo of professional burgles presently breaching into the Palais De Walewska. These two, both Americans, are currently living in Paris after a series of failed break-ins and related vicious criminalities forced them to leave their home country, says PCGamer. Although the last names were different, the images in the rap sheet clearly refer these thieves to the Harry and Marv of Home Alone. These are the clumsy crooks who greatly suffered at the hands of Kevin or the young Macaulay Cilkin.

The mission, "Holiday Hoarders," is clever and cute, and an equally straightforward job. The player can kill them in any way possible while wearing the costume you desire. This recent December update includes the Santa 47 suit, three holiday-themed items, a new Secret Santa challenge pack, and a holiday-appropriate way to exit the Holiday Hoarders mission. In addition, improves the supersampling filter, it fixes a few bugs, and deactivates the fragmented pull an enemy function.  

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