Dec 17, 2016 11:15 AM EST

iOS 10.2 Beta: Apple’s 6 Reasons To Update Your iPhone; Including Harambe Emoiji

By Conan K.

After launching seven betas already for the iPhone with different reviews from users, Apple decided to keep the top reviews from each and apply it to the iOS 10.2 with new touches included.

With the release of the new beta, Apple users will witness new unforeseen features in their Apple devices. Parent Herald just released some of the key features to expect in the iOS 10.2 beta.

No Re-Writing in Messages

Users can already resume their response in messages despite switching to the home screen. No more repeating the message you've been typing. User's message won't still be deleted even by using the lock button.

More Emojis, Including Two Secret Tributes

iPhone keyboards just got a whole lot better. Tons of new emojis to spice up and give life to your simple messages. The update includes 72 more emojis with the famous facepalm, fingers crossed, bacon, men and women, food varieties and a lot more. Fans also rejoice about the new Harambe emoji included in the update, which people are aware of the zoo incident that led to the shooting of the gorilla. Forbes also revealed that the “Male Singer” and “Female singer” are no more than ordinary emojis, but Apple’s tribute to the late singer, David Bowie.

Preserved Camera Settings

Some users just want to get their filter on with no hassle. Without the update, if users open the camera, the default settings is always shown. While with the update, it already includes the user to choose what filter she wants to show whenever she opens the camera. Simply to preserve the settings she wants to see whenever she opens the camera.

New Widget And New Wallpapers

The most visible feature would be the new widget which places the video app on it. Now users can stream videos via the widget which already shows latest videos, TV shows available to watch. There are also three new wallpapers introduced containing a sort of gem or orb which you can choose the color you prefer. A full-screen message effect with colored droplets called “Celebrate” is also featured that users can send to others, but only limited to iPhone 7 series users.

Emergency Contact With Medical ID

This will allow the user automatically contact the emergency contact placed with using the emergency S.O.S feature on the Apple Watch and iPhone. This feature is only yet available to at least 14 countries. By simply pressing the on/off button five times in a row to make a three-second countdown occur will automatically access the feature. You can also remove this emergency feature via settings.

New TV App

This is the most shocking feature of the iOS 10.2 having a new TV app that shows latest TV guide for latest movies, TV Shows and more streaming services included.

If you agree with these promising features or encountering bugs on the update, you may share your thoughts in the comments below.

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