Dec 17, 2016 08:29 AM EST

Cloudy With A Chance Of Jewels? Know More About The Newly Discovered Planet HAT-P-7b

New information about the newly discovered exoplanet called HAT-P-7b was announced recently by scientists. The planet known for the clouds of jewels made from corumdum actually experiences frequent violent storm.

Corondrum is actually the mineral that produces rubies and sapphires which makes the clouds look stunning visually even in the telescope as it appears to be filled with jewels floating around in the sky. According to News Everyday, it is the first time that a giant gas planet has been seen with weather patterns particularly from violent storms that is found other than our every own planet.

The huge exoplanet HAT-P-7b is located almost 1,040 light years away from planet Earth. Aside from being very far away from our planet, it is also stated that the exoplanet is 40 percent much larger than Jupiter and a whooping 500 times bigger than planet Earth.

According to GamenGuide, HAT-P-7b manages a full revolutionary movement in just 2.2 days which is for the size that it carries. One side of the planet is exposed to face the star which will feel a bit warmer than the other side, while the other half will stay on the darker side much like earth and the moon, which  generates a cold weather.

On the other hand, the strong wind pattern and speed in the exoplanet HAF-P-7b changes drastically from time to time causing a huge nimbus formation to gather and build up before vanishing from thin air again. It is also reported that the clouds in the gas planet is unlikely similar to the cloud formations and weather patterns on earth. 

For scientists, it is a first for them to detect sunch phenomenon. Experts and scientists as of current time are looking forward to observe the weather movements of the newly discovered planet HAF-P-7b and other new galaxies that they will likely discover as well in the future. For more details of the current news and latest updates feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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