Dec 17, 2016 11:36 AM EST

'Pokemon Go' Christmas Gift: Pikachu In A Santa Hat And Two Hatchlings

Niantic has a Christmas gift for "Pokemon Go" players--a Pikachu in a Santa hat. This holiday Pokemon can be found when the token has a Santa hat on it.It's a rare Pokemon so watch out for those red hats.

Available from December 12th until the 29th at 11:00 AM PST, TechnoBuffalo says the Holiday Pikachu can evolve into a Holiday Raichu still wearing a Santa hat. Plus, the Santa hat will remain even after the season if they are not transferred to Professor Willow and Pikachu Candy.

To evolve the Holiday Pikachu into the Holiday Raichu, it needs to be fed 50 Pikachu Candies. The Holiday Raichus not available in the wild. They can only appear on evolution. The Holiday Pikachu is technically still the same as its regular counterpart, except for the festive hat.

IGN reports that the rare Holiday Pikachu can be spotted anywhere. Although it is rare, Niantic has declared that they have increased the spawn rate to make it more available all over the world. To find them, stick to high traffic areas. It can also become the player's buddy.

Also hatched on December 12 were Togepi and Pichu, Wired reports. Pichu is Pikachu's infant form. These two additional characters were lifted from the Pokemon games of 1999, the Gold and Silver editions. They are available only through egg-hatching.

As previously announced, these two are the first come out from the 2nd Gen update in "Pokemon Go." Fans are anticipating more additions from the old games as Niantic has promised more new characters to come out. If Niantic will follow the features of "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver," fans can anticipate more than 150 new characters and about 80 new moves. There will also be additional evolutions, including two for Eevee, Espeon and Umbreon. As usual, these evolutions will require more candies.

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