Dec 19, 2016 04:45 AM EST

‘One Piece’ Chapter 851 Spoilers, News & Updates: Monet as Prisoner to Whole Cake Island, Theory & Speculations

After the battles and chaos in "One Piece" Chapter 850, here are the latest spoilers, updates and speculations on the most awaited "One Piece" Chapter 851. According to Oro Jackson, the main theory in this chapter is that Monet will be a prisoner by Pekoms and Tamago in the Cake Island which will lead her to Big Mom's ship.

After Luffy and his crew's departure and by the time the two left about half a day ago from Fishman Island, they are still relatively close to where Ceasar's  experiment took place. It is also revealed that both are assisting in the poisonous weapon experimentation happening on Punk Hazard Island through den den mushi.

Moreover, it is revealed in "One Piece" Chapter 851 that Big Mom's subordinates are arriving at Dressrosa. On the time of their arrival, Tamago clarifies that they thought the Ceasar was with Strawhats the whole time.

This event leads to a more interesting scenario. Although the chasers have learned that Strawhat kidnapped the mad scientist, they would not know Luffy's destination, more so Law's strategy.

Earlier, it was proven that there are three islands namely, the Risky Red Island which obviously doesn't have snow, the Raijin Island and the Mistrial Island - the mysterious island.

Here's the main evidence why Monet has been taken as prisoner in "One Piece" Chapter 851. While Monet and Luffy were having a fight, the former stops hearing "the Alarm" which means somebody has entered the SAD room. She also said that she now understands the intentions they have.

Intrinsically, it would seem not logical and pointless to have her say those words in order to find out they are not significant. It is assumed that Oda plans everything as cautiously as possible which is precisely why this theory makes even more sense.

Meanwhile, Carrot is expected to foreshadow Monet and vice versa as what they normally do. Monet has been a spy all her life. As a matter of fact, she may be showcasing Carrot and later on reveal as a Spy and a Mink traitor.

In conclusion, Monet is fated to be Luffy's member in "One Piece" Chapter 851. It's just that Oda doesn't have any plans of doing so before Whole Cake Island. The sunny nest hast binoculars and an astronomical telescope which both perfectly fit Monet's character until now.

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