Dec 19, 2016 06:18 AM EST

Tesla News: Watch Autopilot Camera Defroster Melt Snow

A recently uploaded YouTube video shows Tesla’s autopilot hardware melting snow and preventing ice buildup even before the car is ready to be taken out to the streets.

In a report by TeslaRati, YouTube channel KmanAuto took a video of the autopilot defroster feature of the vehicle’s front camera. He described that his family had only just gotten inside the car thirty seconds prior but the thin layer of ice covering the front camera has already been melted away “even without user interaction.”

He also demonstrated how the wipers of the vehicle extend far to go over the camera, keeping its view clear and unobstructed. Watch the video below!

This feature was touched on by CEO Elon Musk during the press call on cars with the “Full Self Driving Capability” or “Hardware 2”, reports TeslaRati. He stated that in the event of rain or snow, the forward facing cameras of the Model X and Model S will be covered by windshield wipers and that the cameras’ heating elements are capable of preventing ice buildup.

The forward facing cameras are only one of the 8 cameras that provide the vehicle with a 360-degree view of its surroundings. Others are side cameras and rear side cameras.

According to TeslaRati, the Autopilot feature under Version 8.0 received negative feedback from owners who complained of “poor lane keeping abilities, inability to exit freeways, and unpredictable vehicle movement and braking.” Hardware 2, however, has even greater accuracy and hopefully eliminates the aforementioned problems.

It is important to note that with the enhanced autopilot, drivers are still responsible for controlling their vehicles and should not rely totally on the increased safety measures and features.

Even the upcoming Model 3 will have this level 5 autonomy feature. This enhanced autopilot is an option that you can get at $5,000 at the time of purchase or at a thousand dollars more if you buy it after delivery.

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