Dec 19, 2016 07:08 PM EST

'Street Fighter V' News & Update: New DLC Will Penalize Rage-Quitters, Balance The Game

It looks like Capcom has found a way to take care of the so-called "rage quitters," by punishing and shaming them when "Street Fighter V's" upcoming update rolls out. Capcom is also planning to balance out the game, strengthening some of the characters while weakening the others.

According to GameSpot, a leaked screenshot of an upcoming update for "Street Fighter V" shows that Capcom will be penalizing rage-quitters, which are losing players who quit in the middle of the match to avoid losing points in Ranked Matches. The penalty will be in the form of a badge, which is a skull icon, that will be put beside their name to identify them as rage-quitters, while those who don't will have a shield badge beside their name.

Rage-quitters will also be penalized with a temporary restriction in their matchmaking and will incur League Point reduction, which is an irony considering this is what they were avoiding in the first place. With this upcoming update, not only will rage-quitters lose their points, but they will also be receiving other penalties as well.

Aside from the update with regards to dealing with rage-quitters, Capcom also plans to balance out the game, according to the Inquisitr. Some of the characters in "Street Fighter V" will be buffed while others will be nerfed, or softened.

One way of doing this is to strengthen or weaken the special properties of "Street Fighter V" character's special moves. This update would require players to rethink their strategy and options in winning the game.

Capcom is doing this to balance out the competition and give the other players a chance at winning. The release date for "Street Fighter V's" latest update is scheduled for December 20.

Along with the leaked updates is the arrival of Akuma. The character was made available early this month, during the PlayStation Experience event for players to try him out.

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