Dec 20, 2016 04:21 AM EST

Doctors Warn Adults About Secondhand Marijuana Smoking With Kids; Donald Trump Administration Not To Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

By Kath Bane

Previously, doctors are suggesting for the legalization of marijuana for medical uses. It seemed like more states are also legalizing cannabis for recreational use which causes risks to children.

Some parents who use marijuana are in question whether it is safe to smoke pot around their children. Though others do not do that, there are states that allow 21-year-old and older to use marijuana for recreation. Oftentimes, they claim that they are using pots to treat their pains and insomnia.

According to scientist and doctors, smoking pots around children has a great impact on them. In a research noted at NPR, Dr. Karen Wilson, a pediatrician and lead author of the study, indicated that inhaling chemicals from marijuana smoke have no difference from secondhand smoking.

The study was conducted in Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal. It involved 43 young children and it was observed that those who are below 2 years old were diagnosed with bronchiolitis. After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested their urine samples, the results showed "low levels of marijuana metabolites".

The study also indicated that 16 percent of the samples from the children were positive while 75 percent showed traces of the marijuana in their urine. Though there are scant scientific proofs that could prove the complications of secondhand marijuana smoke, they insist that the secondhand smokers could still be at risk.

"Our hypothesis is that it is not good for kids," Wilson said. "We strongly believe that once we do the research to document secondhand marijuana exposure that we will see there is a negative effect on children."

Meanwhile, according to the CNBC, the legalization of recreational marijuana in the United States may seem to be a smoke in the wind once the administration of Donald Trump begins. Some citizens are worried that US Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump's appointed Attorney General, will strictly limit the use of marijuana to the medical field.

Since Sessions confirmed that he do not fancy the cannabis industry, Trump also stated that he would legalize marijuana for medical purposes. This is alarming to the people because it might mean they would dispatch the recreational use of marijuana in America.

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