Dec 21, 2016 10:33 PM EST

'Overwatch' News & Update: Blizzard To Update Custom Game, Will Come Out In Early 2017

"Overwatch" has been one of the best video games to come out in 2016, but fans have been clamoring for more updates and improvements to the game. One of the features they want to be updated is the Custom Game option and it looks like they might get it in early 2017.

According to Express, a Reddit post about "Overwatch" is showing what kind of update Blizzard is working on for the game. The post shows a group of friends creating a game where they're aiming to get Genji to Point A on Eichenwalde.

The post was accompanied by a YouTube video showing "Overwatch" character. They entitled the mini-game as "Infiltration." The post started a debate among the game's fans on how Blizzard should expand the custom game feature.

And it looks like fans would be getting what they want. PCGames N reports that Jeff Kaplan, "Overwatch's" director, had several changes for the custom game option. These changes are the option to turn off kicking for inactivity and the ability to switch teams in the lobby.

Kaplan is also looking at providing players with an option of changing who is the lobby moderator and an option to enable all chat. Aside from these changes, part of the to-do-list also includes making it easier for players to get into custom games and to allow them to gain XP as well.

Furthermore, Kaplan and his team are also exploring the possibility of having an open custom game soon. The updates to the custom game option are rumored to come out in early 2017, though it's not yet final. These changes are also not guaranteed and there's also no guarantee that they will all come out together at once.

But "Overwatch" fans can rest assure that Blizzard is listening to what they are saying and considering these changes. And with the game being one of the best in 2016, you can bet that the developer will do its best to continue to provide a great gaming experience for its fans.

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