Dec 20, 2016 08:20 PM EST

'Clash of Clans' December 2016 Update Latest News: Winter Update Leaked! Ice Wizard, Freeze Trap & X-Mas Spell Revealed!

After weeks of speculation, Supercell finally rolled out the Winter Update for "Clash of Clans." However, the December 2016 Update was not as massive as fans expected. Meanwhile, details on the "Clashmas Event" were leaked and revealed that the Ice Wizard, Freeze Trap and X-Mas Spell will soon be introduced.

The leak regarding the Ice Wizard, Freeze Trap & X-Mas Spell, however is only available for Christmas during the "Clashmas Event." Fans are not thrilled that these new characters to be introduced in the December 2016 Update will not stay in "Clash of Clans" permanently. They would have been good addition to the game and not just for promotional purposes like the Winter Update.

Meanwhile, "Clash of Clans" will start to unveil its "Events" feature within the day. The first to come is the Hog Rider Event which will probably reduce the training times and costs for the Hog Riders. The second event is the annual 1 Gem Boost for Collectors and Mines. The third event is probably the one that Supercell has teased about last week.

With the December 2016 Update already live, "Clash of Clans" player can now enjoy the new levels added to Town Hall 11. The Winter Update for the Town Hall 11 will allow the game play to be distinguishable from that of the Town Hall 10.

The December 2016 Update also tweaked the game play for selected troops such as the Witches, Balloons, and Dragons. These new tweaks coupled with the winter update leak regarding the Ice Wizard, Freeze Trap and X-Mas Spell will make the game more exciting than ever! For the complete list of troops, structures, and features that underwent changes, click here!

What happened to the "Shipwreck" feature that was confirmed by Supercell in the forum? Well, fans are speculating that since the "Shipwreck" feature has already been revealed, it will probably be the first update included in the January 2017 Update.

So here we are. Supercell unleashed its December 2016 Update and it's not as massive as everyone thought. Even so, bringing new levels to Town Hall 11 and tweaking the game play during the Winter Update will definitely make "Clash of Clans" more competitive than it already is. The leaked Ice Wizard, Freeze Trap, and X-Mas Spell will certainly make things more interesting for a while, or at least until the Christmas Season is over but the "Events" Feature will make the player log in more often, and that is almost a certainty. So all in all, fans can say "well played Supercell, well played."

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