Dec 21, 2016 01:30 PM EST

Career Advice: 4 Ways To Find The Right Company And The Right Career

Finding the right career for oneself and the best place to work in is a matter people do not take lightly. Determining one’s career path depends also on the programs and projects that companies offer.

The Muse’s Aja Frost published an article containing career advice, specifically the various ways that one can discern where to work at and what to do in case you are not entirely sure of your career. There are four in total; read on to know more about them.

First of all, finding the right career does not necessarily mean moving up the metaphorical ladder of a company. Like what the former career coach of Google said, it can mean moving laterally from one company to another, from one job description to another.

Inquire as to whether the company you are interested in promotes that kind of movement within the organization, if they promote open internal roles. This way, you can experience other job descriptions before committing and moving up to a higher position, only to find out too late that you dislike it and are bored.

This second tip is related to the first. Working in or with other departments will expose you to other fields you would never have given thought to, educate you, and enlighten you as to what career you really want.

When you are at your job interview, you can ask your interviewer if the company permits departments to work or collaborate with other departments. Is shadowing people in other departments allowed?

Thirdly, Frost encourages side projects that could add other interests and abilities to your existing skill set. Does the company you want to work for encouraging side projects or allow employees to spend their extra time on whatever they want?

Lastly, an employee support system would go a long way into helping you find the right career path. A company that encourages or has a mentor system, for instance, is a good place to work in because you would have a seasoned colleague or even just another employee helping you hone your skills and determine the path you want to delve further in. 

On other career advice on how to find the right mentor, read this article by Jobs & Hire. It talks about three key things you need to remember to look for the right person to advise you.

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