Dec 21, 2016 11:34 AM EST

‘Super Mario Run’ Tips, Tricks, and Cheats: A Beginner’s Guide To Playing Nintendo’s iOS App

It has been a week since “Super Mario Run” has been released for iPhone, and while the game evokes nostalgia among Nintendo Family Computer players, many are still clueless on how to play the game. Though it looks simple upon first glance, there are other things that go on in Mario’s world, and players should definitely know a few tips and tricks before playing the game.

First, one has to sign up to a Nintendo account to play “Super Mario Run.” Though unregistered users can definitely play, Business Insider notes that gamers could miss out on extras, such as playing as Toad. Those who sign in will be rewarded with points for every mission completed, and those points can be used to unlock Toad as a playable character.

“Super Mario Run” starts on World 1-1, and on this level, players can collect pink, purple, and black coins, apart from the classic gold coins. IGN reports that the first pink coin can be found a few feet from the start of the level. To get it, simply make Mario do a high jump to get the pink coin.

The next pink coin in “Super Mario Run” will be just a short distance away from the first, so have Mario jump on the brick first. From there, let Mario do another high jump to get the second pink coin. Be on the lookout for the third pink coin as it is located atop a grassy spot on a cliff.

Meanwhile, purple coins are usually found in the sky, but blocks are often situated nearby so one merely has to have Mario jump on the blocks before attempting to grab the purple coins. As for black coins, these are normally hidden or located up high in “Super Mario Run,” so get ready to launch Mario from nearby structures before attempting to get the black coins.

To know the details about all the playable characters’ special moves, simply tap the menu icon on the lower left of the screen and click on Notebook. The Tips and Tricks section of the game will be there, along with all the special jumps that Mario and friends can make in “Super Mario Run.”

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