Dec 21, 2016 01:23 PM EST

Keeping Up With The Tech Industry: Hottest Skills That IT And Tech Professionals Must Have For 2017

The Tech sector is one of the most booming industry this makes the competition a tough one for Tech professionals. IT and Tech professionals must evolve and up to date with their skills in order for them to keep up. They must possess the hottest skills as tech professionals. That is the best way for them to maintain or get a job in this industry in 2017.

In an industry wherein change is very rampant, it is very important that tech professionals also enhance their skills. There are reports stating that a lot of companies increased their IT budgets. That is why they are also particular in looking for professional with specialized talents that will perfectly fit their business goals.

Business Insider reported that Gianna Scorson, the VP of sales ops and marketing for Mondo shared three of in-demand skills that companies in 2017 are looking for. To remain competitive, IT professionals must acquire the following. 

First are the cybersecurity skills. This is not something new but in 2017 a lot of managers will continue to look for professionals with the latest cybersecurity skill. They need these people to help protect their networks, databases, and websites.

Next are professionals with cloud computing expertise. Cloud technology is widely adopted in today’s business industry. In fact, companies are paying good just to get the right cloud tech professional that they need. That is why in 2017 it will add up to one’s credential if you are both knowledgeable and skillful in both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. And lastly, are the big data skills.

Professionals with big data knowledge have been in the industry for quite some time already. However, in 2017 companies will be looking for those who have massive talents in handling and analyzing big data and patterns that can lead continuously lead their business to success.

In every company having the right professionals as employees’ matters a lot but having right leaders can make a big difference. According to Jobs & Hire, with good leadership comes a more productive and efficient employee. This is the perfect combination for a successful working environment.

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