Dec 22, 2016 11:56 AM EST

Google Spy? Tech Giant Faces Employee Lawsuit For Allegedly Restricting Employee Freedoms

Google is being sued by one of its product managers for allegedly stopping employees from calling out the company for certain failures. The lawsuit would be another smear to the technology giant especially since it concerns employees' freedom.

ComputerWorld reported that Google has committed wrongdoing and did not follow California laws for telling employees not to call out conducts that are against the law. Google employees were also allegedly told not to raise any issues concerning any product effects that could endanger the public.

In addition, Google also prohibits employees from getting in touch with government, attorneys or media people and talking to them about any issues within the company. Even telling spouses or friends about internal issues at Google is not allowed. The tech giant reportedly put up the restrictions to prevent the government from looking into the issues.

Google's restrictions are also part of its project to stop other companies from getting their hands on company secrets. Employees are reportedly asked to report anyone who asks about Google's products, employees and other internal information. Newsweek reported that the employee who filed the lawsuit wants to stop Google from implementing its "spying program."

Several companies have confidentiality agreements for their employees. However, it seems that the Google employee who filed the lawsuit finds the tech giant's restrictions excessive. Another example of restriction is that writing novels or articles about Google cannot be done without the tech giant's consent.

Google maintains that it has not done anything wrong in imposing the confidentiality agreements. The tech giant claims that the restrictions are there to protect information relevant to its business. It also claims that it actually has an open internal culture and it only prohibits employees from discussing terms and condition of employment or other internal concerns outside of the company. Jobs & Hire previously reported that Google is fighting a separate battle against Oracle, which affects its operations and employees.

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