Dec 23, 2016 09:06 AM EST

‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Update: Erika Girardivs And Dorit Kemsley Throwing Accusations Against Each Other

By Kath Bane

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill" star Erika Girardivs and Dorit Kemsley talked about the drama. Following the Tuesday's episode, Dorit Kemsley claimed that Erika was just showing off and trying to flaunt everyone, especially her husband.

In the short video clip published by Bravo, the girls converged at Lisa V's restaurant where Erika surprised everyone with her declaration. When Lisa V jokingly told Erika that Kyle needs an underwear, she revealed that she was "not wearing any underwear" under her dress. Everyone flashed throwing her a question why she was not wearing underwear.

Erika insisted that she doesn't want to ruin the design of her beautiful dress with the panty line. She emphasized that wearing underwear won't "look good". While everyone is laughing at Erika going commando, Dorit Kemsley was skeptic saying she was just flaunting herself in front of everyone, especially Paul.

In a blog Dorit wrote, she admitted that they were not wearing underwear so it was not "big of a deal". What's surprising was Erika's revelation. She also said they were still talking about the revelation the following day, the buddy TV reported.

Meanwhile, Dorit remarked that Erika was always cold and snappy. She suggested that Erika should lighten up and relax. Dorit also explained that jokes should be "harmless fun" and enjoyable, not to be taken seriously.

According to her, people have the right to tell what they are thinking, even if it's good or bad. One must accept what the other said and she reiterated that the true Beverly Hills Housewife is strong-minded.

Erika commented on Dorit's remarks and she defended herself saying that the accusations seemed to speak more about Dorit. The reactions Erika received from Dorit and PK were strangely surprising for her. Erika now can't stop thinking of the motive Dorit was trying to show. She also explained that she did not "sit there on display".

"It's interesting to me that a woman who's so busy "doing it all," has two beautiful babies, a gorgeous home, and an obviously adoring husband is finding the time to dissect me and call me names. She doesn't even know me. In my opinion, this says more about Dorit than it does about me," Erika wrote.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" stars Erika Girardivs and Dorit Kemsley seemed to have built a tension between them. Stay tuned for more updates!

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