Dec 23, 2016 05:00 PM EST

Renowned Comedian Jerry Lewis Entertaining Viewers Again; Lewis’ Interview Went Viral Online

By Kath Bane

The renowned comedian, Jerry Lewis, managed to sit for a short interview talking about his career and experience on Monday. The interview with Lewis went viral, even if it was mostly awkward.

On December 19, The Hollywood Reporter took courage to interview the prominent yet notoriously difficult 90-year-old comedian at his Vegas home. In the previous years, Lewis is known to have a tough and caustic attitude in interviews even with his viewers. It was also emphasized that he was a notable "control freak".

Though the interview took them about seven minutes, it seemed like it was generally a funny "Yes or No" question. THR also noted how Jerry Lewis complained about how crowded his house has become due to the team and the equipment. The video which went viral was found awkwardly funny despite how difficult he was.

Meanwhile, the US Weekly reported that the video recorded more than 1.2 million views within two days. This broke the record of THR as the "most-viewed video" throughout their history. In the interview, Jerry Lewis was adamant in giving one-word responses, yes or no answers, and nothing but straightforward statements.

His responses made it crucial for the team to lead the conversation into a more specific topic and caused dead airs and awkward silence. When the interviewer, Andy Lewis who is not related to Jerry Lewis, asked him whether he is planning to retire anytime soon, Jerry asked him "why" with a blank stare. Jerry repeated his question when Andy tried to revise it.

Throughout the 7-minute interview, Jerry seemed to be crotchety maintaining the brusque responses. Lewis also showed his disinterest in sharing any experiences and stories about his previous comedy partner, Dean Martin. Though he was the happiest when he worked with his partner, he doesn't want to talk about it. At the end of the interview, Jerry obliged them to clean out before leaving.

Meanwhile, Andy Lewis explained that it was typically Jerry Lewis' personality to make the reporters struggle. Viewers, however, still find Jerry Lewis' interview funny and entertaining.

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