Dec 23, 2016 09:49 PM EST

The Joy Of Choosing Freelancing Over Employee Jobs In 2017

By Conan K.

To some people, they think people land in the world of freelancing because of the inability to get a real job. But for freelancers, freelancing is where you can dedicate your own self-creativeness and love for your job.

Having the ease to work at home at the same time managing your own time is the core strength of considering Freelancing. Silicon Republic reported that top freelance site, Upwork made a statement that freelancers make up more than a third of the American workforce.

Being your own boss makes freelancing also seem great, but there are more reasons that this job could be the best job for you, especially in the years to come.

Freelancing is easier nowadays. According to US News, new technology makes search tools for jobs much easier. Back in the days, job ads were just limited in newspapers and flyers. But now with the internet, you can submit your resume tons of time and just sit back and wait for someone to call you. Another case is that a client rejected your work, there are tons of opportunities that can still support you to never stop searching for the right job.

The internet also offers jobs that can be easily distinguished for what is right for you. Like categories and sites specifically designed for people looking up VA virtual assistant jobs, writing jobs and editing jobs.

Freelancers can work anywhere. While an employee, is required to go to work and accomplish their work and keep on working until their time is out. A freelancer can work anywhere as long as there is Wi-Fi. People can even work in their pajamas anywhere. While traveling or having an emergency, you can easily pick up your laptop to pick up where you left off.

The Next Web stated that 33 percent of freelancers say they have been able to move to a new location due to the flexibility that freelancing provides them. Another advantage is there would be no horrible bosses that would pressure you. Freelancing is also a great advantage for those who want to work alone.

Freelancers love freelancing, which enhances their skills at the same time. Dedication is given by freelancers since they love what they are doing. Freelancers are always subjected to change and to cope up with the trend. This effect would then give freelancers opportunity to upgrade their skills to adapt. At the end of the day, freelancers achieve satisfaction since every work they do has a corresponding reward for them example views, reviews, and comments.

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