Dec 23, 2016 05:00 PM EST

The Best Apps To Help You Be More Productive in 2017: Top 5 Free Apps To Download

Life is more stressful than ever, and those who juggle a career and personal life can find it even more daunting to do nowadays. Thankfully, there is a large variety of new apps to try that can help one be more productive and organized. Best of all, these apps cost nothing at all.

Here are the top 5 free apps that can help you be more productive in 2017:

Quip (iOS and Android)- Business Insider lists this app as one of the best productivity apps around. Quip was created by Facebook’s former chief technology officer, Bret Taylor, and it is an app that teams can use to create documents. Families and office teams alike can use it, as it combines chat, task lists, documents, and spreadsheets in one app.

Evernote (iOS and Android)- Tom’s Guide includes this app as one of the best productivity apps of the year. This app allows the user to take and upload notes, pictures, audio and video clips and organize them into cloud notebooks which can be synced on various devices. Moms can use Evernote to snap drawings of her kids to share with Grandma, while office workers can take a shot of notes taken during a meeting and share it with colleagues.

Feedly (iOS and Android)- Instead of checking various sites for the latest news, Feedly curates the latest stories and articles and sends it straight to your phone. Select text-only view for faster browsing, or the app’s regular layout to view photos. One can also choose which publications to include in the feed to avoid the influx of fake news. App users can even see videos from YouTube channels that they are following for the latest content.

Pocket (iOS and Android)- For those who get easily distracted by web articles when they should be focusing on work instead, this app is the perfect solution as it stores articles for later viewing. Pocket can also store videos, and when ready to view them, one can do so without connecting to the Internet.

Paper (iOS)- This app is a good fit for the multitasker as it allows one to sketch, create checklists, capture photos, and make Keynote and Powerpoint presentations.

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