Dec 27, 2016 10:00 AM EST

Don’t Like Networking? Try Shapr, The Networking App That Works Like Tinder

By Conan K.

Privacy being breached. Lack of information. Tiresome search for the right business opportunity. Credibility in looking for a business partner. These are just some of the problems that people see in the online networking business.

Yet still, people who are networking millennials are still attending events where business is being held and discussed. This is because some of them might have their perspective straight. But no matter how straight their view may be in networking business in these events, deep inside they might still hate these ways.

Meanwhile, some people don’t like networking since they are not always sure if they are making their time worth it. Without complete information due to lack of time, of course, they will not take interest in the business. According to a marketing manager at Citi, via Forbes, “At a general networking function, you're likely going into the room cold with little information about who's in the room and why they are there.”

This is where LinkedIn steps in the room, as a networking app, people tend to dislike its feature “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.” This feature simply puts the information of the user that visited an entrepreneur's profile and lately notices they are already being stalked by the entrepreneur. Alexis Shaak, Founder and Digital Marketer at Indigo Evolution Studio stated "I found this out the hard way. When I first checked out LinkedIn, I was clicking from profile to profile having no idea people get notified that I viewed their profile. Not until someone finally viewed my profile and I was notified, did I realize this. Ugh! LinkedIn, let me stalk! You’re the worst!"

Ludovic Huraux, CEO, and Co-Founder of Shapr said that networking has a bad reputation with people. Saying that it takes a lot of time and energy without completely knowing if it is really worth the effort. Huraux said that well, Shapr takes networking so easy that people would consider it being their lifestyle. Of course, with the approachable manner that LinkedIn failed to incorporate.

Shapr works like Tinder in a way that you would see the entrepreneurs near you and is interested in getting their businesses expanded. That way, you can only connect to the kind of business people you want. Shapr takes action on illegal activities as some people are treating it already like Tinder with dating and selling products as well. Shapr takes the users demand to pursue only valuable and worth their time information and connections.

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