Dec 24, 2016 09:24 AM EST

Disney's Successful Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing strategy, Disney knows how to make it a big one. The company creates creative and interesting stories and brands. It works pretty well with the people and most especially the media.

According to Huffington Post, Disney has different ways in promoting its TV shows, movies, and characters. One is through ABC network which is also owned by Disney. The ABC network creates a platform that promotes everything that Disney got to offer.

On top of that, Disney also made a good move with its franchising acquisitions. Back in 2007, they acquire Marvel and Lucas Film in 2012. In doing so, Disney was able to improve and develop the branded characters making it more appealing to its existing and future audience.

And now with the modern technology, Disney is able to keep up with the trend. The company was able to prove that even through social media they are able to exercise well their marketing moves. The Variety shared that Disney-ABC will partner with Snapchat to give the social media app’s users original series. The first program is said to be an after-show watch party for “The Bachelor.”

Disney is back again this time proving how successful their marketing strategy is. The “Star War” franchise which the company acquired from Lucas Film is breaking box office record again. “Rogue One” earned the second biggest December opening with $155 million during its North America weekend.

Ever since the “Star Wars” film came out, the total box office revenue reached around $6.84 billion. As for its total franchise such that includes merchandise and licensing garnered an estimated $30.54 billion. With Disney great synergy marketing strategy its “Star Wars” will surely hit a big mark.

Another thing that makes Disney appealing to the eyes of the media and the people is that they make the best characters. Disney’s characters are very inspiring to families and children. This makes their characters, TV shows, and movie turn into a perfect money making franchise.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" premiere last December 16, 2016, got a total of $30 million in sales.

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