Dec 24, 2016 04:37 AM EST

Life And Career Lessons From ‘Suits’: Things We Can Learn From Mike Ross and Harvey Specter

TV shows are there purely for our own entertainment, but when given a closer look, some of these shows actually have something to teach viewers, which can be applied in a person’s daily life. One of the best dramas around, “Suits,” has plenty to teach viewers when it comes to life and career, and one doesn’t even have to be a lawyer in a fancy firm to appreciate the things that can be picked up from Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), Harvey (Gabriel Macht), and company.

Here are some of the life and career lessons that you can learn from “Suits.”

Your appearance matters.

The Huffington Post points out that in the first episode of “Suits,” Harvey schooled Mike on why appearances matter when you’re a lawyer, saying that people often respond to how we’re dressed and that whether he likes it or not, this is what he needs to do to succeed.

In the workplace, people tend to make judgments based on appearances, and it would do to dress for the impression that one wants to make. An office worker who piles on the jewelry, makeup, and teeters in high heels will often give the wrong impression, and someone who looks as if he or she just rolled out of bed will appear to not care about work at all. Decide on how you want people to perceive you, and dress accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to show what you can do.

During Mike’s interview with Harvey, the former demonstrated how he can retain an amazing amount of information as he has an eidetic memory. He also revealed that despite never having gone to law school, Mike passed the bar exam on a bet.

If you’re looking to shift careers, acknowledge the skills that you have and show them off to your advantage. For instance, if you’re unhappy with a 9-to-5 job but you happen to be a great photographer, build up your portfolio and show it off on social media. You might just get the break that you’ve been waiting for.

Never give up on your dreams.

Mike lost his scholarship and got kicked out of college when the dean found out that he memorized a math test and sold the answers to make money. He started smoking pot and taking the LSATS for other people as a living and even started selling drugs, but eventually, he realized that he wanted to be a lawyer more than anything else. At that point, Mike convinced Harvey to hire him as his new associate, and the rest is history.

People often experience setbacks which cause them to give up on their dreams, but Mike proves that with some creativity and persistence, anything is possible. Make a way to make your dreams a reality, because only you will have to power to do so.

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