Dec 27, 2016 06:58 AM EST

Bill Gates Says These 3 Skills Will Make You Successful In The Future Job Market

Bill Gates is sharing some vital tips for the future jobseeker. In a new interview, the Microsoft founder said that there are three skills that people need to succeed in the future job market, and this is based on data that the 61-year-old himself has collected.

According to Independent, Bill Gates spoke with LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth and said that people with three backgrounds will be the most in-demand in the coming years: sciences, engineering, and economics.

“I do think of basic knowledge of the sciences, math skills, economics—a lot of careers in the future will be very demanding on those things,” said Gates. “[It’s] not necessarily that you’ll be writing code, but you need to understand what can engineers do and what can they not do.”

The entrepreneur said that workers who are skilled in those areas will be “the agents of change for all institutions.”

Bill Gates certainly knows what he’s talking about as the father-of-three is one of the most successful and respected entrepreneurs in the whole world. Recently, he took to his blog to share stories about his early years at work, saying that in his 20’s and early 30’s, he was “fanatical” about software and that he and his colleagues at Microsoft took pride in being the first to arrive at work and the last to leave.

Nowadays, Bill Gates said that much of his work involves learning from other passionate people, such as scientists who are in search of new vaccines to rid the world of disease, and teachers who work hard to perfect their craft. He also said that he also follows the work of engineers who dream up innovative ideas for new sources of clean energy.

In the blog post, Bill Gates said that his five favorite “fanatics” are former President Jimmy Carter, Washington State Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling, Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist Nandan Nilekani, University of Washington president Dr. Ana Mari Cauce, and climate scientist Ken Caldeira.

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