Dec 28, 2016 10:58 AM EST

Looking For A Job? Relocate To These U.S. Cities

Living in a city where there is ample job opportunities and a great work-life balance is a life goal for everyone: millennials, baby boomers, young college graduates and old professionals, whatever your status in life is.

Countless studies have been done to determine which cities offer the best opportunities for everyone. Everyone will think that abundant job opportunities can only be found in cities where the cost of living is expensive like New York and San Francisco.

Job seekers usually do not consider working in cities where the cost of living is high. Living in expensive cities would mean that you have to downgrade your lifestyle. There is also a chance of being buried in debts and obligations if you do not control your expenses.

Another factor that job seekers usually look at is the cost of rent. It would not do workers any good to have high salary only to have to let go most of it to pay the rent.

Mashable reported about a list of affordable cities that offer high-paying jobs. A study was done in order to find the top 10 cities that job seekers will like.

Four of the best cities for job seekers can be found in Texas and North Carolina. In Texas, there is Austin and Irving. In North Carolina, there is Durham and Raleigh. The other cities in the list are Denver, Colorado; Nashville, Tennessee; Seattle, Washington; Atlanta, Georgia; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Lincoln, Nebraska.

The cities are all considered as industry hubs. Most of the biggest employers in the technology and healthcare industries can be found in these cities, so those who are trained in those industries have a high chance of securing a position. Most of the cities also have more job positions in the government compared with other metro areas.

For those who are willing to start looking for a new job in a different city, Jobs & Hire carried a report about what mannerisms to avoid doing as job seeker.

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