Dec 28, 2016 11:01 AM EST

The Top 5 Mistakes That Career People Make When Dressing For The Workplace

For some people, dressing for the office may seem easy—just put on a suit, add a briefcase, and you’re done. But despite years of working in a professional setting, many career people still make mistakes when it comes to dressing for the workplace. While some of these faux pas may not be so obvious, it’s important to know that the boss notices these things, and you may have to rethink a couple of pieces in your work wardrobe.

Here are the top five mistakes that career people make when dressing for the workplace.

Not matching your shoes to your belt

Some may say that men have it easy as they only need to don a suit and tie to work, but men can also go wrong with their attire when they fail to match their shoes to their belt. Failing to pay attention to the little details such as this can break one’s whole look, so it’s important to wear a brown belt with brown leather shoes, a black leather belt with black shoes, and so on.

Over accessorizing

Some ladies go overboard with the accessories as a way to liven up a boring suit. However, wearing excessive jewelry to work can be distracting, especially if said jewelry makes jangling noises with every gesture. Office no-nos are bangles, cocktail rings, oversized gold chains, ankle bracelets, and pieces with controversial or juvenile shapes or signs that may give off a negative impression in the office.

As previously reported by Jobs & Hire, office workers should limit their accessories to a classic watch, a ring, and for ladies, a pair of stud or drop earrings for a look that is both chic and work appropriate.

Wearing novelty ties

Neckties with Spongebob Squarepants, Marvel superheroes, or other cartoon characters printed on them should not have a place in a man’s work wardrobe. To be taken seriously at the office, opt for plain ties in solid colors, or choose tastefully printed neckties to complement your button-down shirts. Avoid wearing clip-on ties at all cost.

Wearing the wrong shoes

Ladies are often guilty of this habit, and there are a lot of shoes out there that shouldn’t be worn in the workplace. This includes open-toed sandals, flip flops, sexy bondage-style high heels with ties or grommets, and anything with glitter, feathers, or six-inch heels. Save these for parties and opt for a classic pump with a 2 to 3-inch heel.

Dousing oneself with perfume

The most appropriate scents to wear for the office are fresh, non-offensive, and subtle. Save your most potent perfume for date nights and wear light colognes instead.

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