Dec 29, 2016 09:31 AM EST

Technology Industry Career: Do They Prefer College Degree Or Coding Bootcamp?

Getting in the tech industry is one of the most sought after careers. Landing a good programming job can be a tough one, there is a tight competition. Will it make a big difference if you got your degree from a Computer Science university or in a Coding Bootcamp? Which does the industry prefer?

A career in software engineering is one of the most sought after job in the tech industry. There is a great potential for one to succeed in this field. There is a strong demand for programmers and developers in different fields. On top of that, the pay is really good.

Getting a college degree from a computer science university is the traditional educational way that an individual takes if he or she wants a career in the tech industry. This is the way to be a software developer or engineer. However, another route to take is going to coding bootcamp.

Coding Bootcamp offers technical training programs to those individuals who want to get a career as a programmer. These short programs only offer a little coding knowledge and experience. It only tackles introductory level in programming as well as entry level coding. It normally lasts for 8-12 weeks. After they finished the program and the required number of hours, they get to graduate and start applying for a job as software engineers.

However, there are a lot of companies such as Silicon Valley and Google who does not appreciate coding bootcamps. According to Bloomberg, Maggie Johnson, Google’s director of education and university relations said that “Our experience has found that most graduates from these programs are not quite prepared for software engineering roles at Google without additional training or previous programming roles in the industry.”

A representative from Cisco even said that they do not hire anyone coming from coding schools. Raymond Deplazes, its spokesman said that “Coding schools haven’t been much of a focus for Autodesk.”

In such competitive industry getting a strong educational background can be of great help in getting hired. A college degree from a university will be a good highlight in your resume.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that in 2017 getting hired can be achieved easier through tech’s help. Technology will make your resume more appealing and interesting in the eyes of employers.

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