Jan 02, 2017 06:38 AM EST

Online Jobs To Kill City Industry

Working from home could reduce city population and might even cause cities to shut down. The trend is made possible due to the technology and apps that are rapidly being perfected.

According to Australian news website, News.com.au, it is possible for technology to decrease the population of cities as well as its workforce, killing its many industries. Although this trend has been predicted before and has so far failed to come about, it is said that this “app era” can likely make it happen.

Already, websites and apps exist to make telecommuting possible and more efficiently done. For instance, there is Skype, Facebook, shared Google Documents, and Slack (Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge).

If this kicks off, the effect on land properties can be big. Properties in the city could lose their value while those in the rural areas could have their values raised. 

Like what was previously said above, however, this threat has been made before and has failed to come to fruition. Furthermore, other industries cannot be worked on via the internet such as construction or various service industries.

One industry that is likely to be threatened would be the news industry. There is an abundant host of online news websites cropping up and many of them are using working from home as a platform to attract employees.

Secretaries are also becoming an online job with many people looking for Virtual Assistants to assist them in their work. In addition, education has also entered the internet and numerous people can take up degrees online.

There are disadvantages to working from home as there are advantages to it. For instance, productivity is reportedly low and there are many online products and services such as Self Control and Block Site that help minimize distractions by blocking certain websites.

For more information about industries that are threatened by technology, read here.

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