Jan 05, 2017 09:46 AM EST

Tesla Fails To Meet 2016 Sales Target, Has To Work Harder for Model 3 Production

Tesla has narrowly missed its goal of delivering up to 90,000 new cars to its customers. The motor company will have to ramp up production to a greater degree if it wants to meet its 400,000 reservations for its upcoming Model 3.

Precisely 83,992 electric cars rolled out of the automobile company's factories last year, failing to reach its goal of 90,000 deliveries for the year 2016 by a margin of almost 6,000, reports Engadget. This is mainly due to the fact that deliveries with unsigned paperwork are not included in the count but also because of the production setbacks that occurred in the fall.

The vehicle company is already pushing back its production of the Tesla Model 3 to the end of this year and deliveries the year after that. It begs one to question whether or not it will be able to satisfy the 400,000 reservations made by customers when the up and coming car was first unveiled.

To meet the high production demand, Tesla is expanding its factory in Fremont, reports Jobs & Hire, affecting the speed of production and possibly providing the much-needed push. Moreover, it bodes well for employment figures in the area.

Engadget also writes that the manufacturer has already sold $2 billion in stock for the purpose of raising funds and buying an automation company that will build robotic lines. These robotic lines will be used to produce the necessarily demanded vehicles.

The Tesla Model 3 is the first and least expensive third-generation vehicle that does not compromise on performance. Interior images that popped up online shows the model to have a center touch screen but lacks an instrument cluster and visible air vents.

The 2016 sales figures, nevertheless, is a marked improvement from the company’s previous number of 50, 000 delivered cars in 2015. Follow Jobs & Hire for more updates on Tesla and the Tesla Model 3.

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