Jan 08, 2017 11:06 AM EST

Online Ad Industry Sidesteps Blocker-Induced Apocalypse

People in the online advertising industry, especially those who are working in online marketing, have been uneasily preparing for the apocalypse caused by ad blockers. Some industry experts posited that ad blockers have the power to kill the online advertising industry if done right.

Citing some studies, Mashable reported that it appears that online advertising is far from being extinguished by ad blockers. Over a span of years, more and more users are installing ad blockers so ad industry executives have been preparing for the worst: the end of online ads. However, 2016 saw a different trend. The use of ad blockers has dwindled during the past year.

The other issue that has ad industry executives worried is the rise of mobile ad blocker, Ad Exchange reported. If mobile ad blocker developers find a way to create an app that will block ads from getting shown across all mobile applications and browsers, it would herald the end for those that are capitalizing on it.

It appears that mobile ad blocker is also not currently an issue. Reports show that mobile ad blockers continue to be insignificant. Pending the creation of a blocker that will work for all mobile types and all application, the status quo is expected to be maintained.

Ad blockers have reportedly been most widely used in Germany, but even in the country, usage is dropping. A report from Adobe and ad-blocking company PageFair has found that only 18% of Americans are expected to use ad blockers, compared with 27% of Germans.

Even in Canada, the use of ad blockers appears to be slowing down. The growth of ad block usage has been stagnant as users who do not have blockers yet choose not to install one.

Despite the reports, the advertising industry still needs to be vigilant. When the right technology comes, developers may be able to create pervasive technology that can work in all platforms. When that happens, the online ad apocalypse may indeed come.

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