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Celebrity Esthetician Tammy Fender Talks About Her Holistic Approach To Skin Care And Her Job

Just by looking at the flawless faces of our celebrity crushes makes us feel envious. But behind those pretty looks are top estheticians taking care of them. Celebrity esthetician, Tammy Fender, talks about her profession and what made her pursue such career.

What can do you think of Melania Trump, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Julianne Moore’s glowing complexions? Fender is the one responsible for it. Fender undergoes years of study and explores the different kinds of plants and holistic healing ingredients. She uses them for her own product line. During Tammy’s interview with People, she generously talked about her profession and how it feels to be working for celebrities.

Fender has been passionate about caring for other people’s health and wellbeing. During her college days, she worked at a cosmetic counter and found it very interesting. That is where her fascination started. However, during that time everything was more chemical based, that is why she thought that something should be done about it.

“So my past led me onto a very holistic [present], and I began to study the earth, essential oils, and really took a deep dive into the plant kingdom and how these ingredients affected the skin. With that, I realized I also needed to understand how the skin functioned. So at that time I decided to go on to become an esthetician,” said Fender.

When asked about her first celebrity client, Tammy shared that it was Rod Stewart and his wife Rachel Hunter. She met them at her workplace, Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach. The celebrity couple liked her services and gladly every time they are in town, they go back to see her.

Helping prepare the skin of her celebrity clients for their wedding day is her favorite celebrity memory. She deeply values the trust that they gave her during such important day in their lives.

Fender values and loves her job. As she shared, “I feel so blessed to have a connection to the plant kingdom and connect one-on-one with my clients. So many of my clients that have been with me for over 15 years look younger now than they did when they started and that’s because we integrated these lifestyle changes.”

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